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Zac Nelles Marketing Strategist and Direct Response Copywriter

From The Desk of Zac Nelles

Good Morning,

Look no further,

It sickens me – and should drive you up the wall! – to see copywriters taking clients’ money for direct response copy, who lack any real depth of knowledge and merely cut-and-paste from others campaigns and literature or have to “go-to-school” on the clients money. Because the industry spends so much on advertising and marketing, every Tom Dick and Mary Copywriter (and purported copywriter) wants to work in it – but are they willing to properly prepare themselves to deliver real results? NO.

Here’s why you can count on me to deliver vibrant persuasive response-producing copy that is also factually accurate, so it’s something you can actually use – the first time, on time, at deadline:

1: Seven Years SALES and marketing experience. Great Copy is as you undoubtedly know “salesmanship in print.” But shockingly, a lot of people holding themselves out as direct response copywriters have never sold nose to nose, toes to toes. Some even have negative attitudes about selling! Conversely for 7 years I worked as a commission only salesman. If my ads didn’t generate leads or I didn’t sell, I didn’t eat.

2: Advanced degree in Science. I have the educational background to deal with scientific research and complex information. I can make the case for your products based on and by creatively presenting highly believable science – utilizing the proven principles of “reason why advertising”, and answering the consumer’s key questions. (a) WHY does it work? (b) who can I feel confident it will work FOR ME? (C) Why will it work when other products have failed me?

3: Personal passion for direct response. I’m personally fascinated. I have read over 70 books in the last 3 years on sales marketing and business. I also stay abreast of what my peers are currently doling and attend as many seminars as I possibly can. The old axiom enthusiasm makes the difference” applies here. To sell using direct response you not only need to present the product. The “reason why” story and other information you also need to have genuine enthusiasm for imbedded in the copy. One of America’s icons of selling, Zig Ziglar, described direct-selling as, ultimately the “transference of feeling” – meaning that the customer has to get confidence from the salesperson.

4: Experience across all media platforms. Some copywriters are highly skilled at print or direct mail but can barely spell ‘web site.’ Others are of the “cyber generation” and (foolishly) think anything that isn’t online is of importance only in the land of the dinosaurs. My work embraces offline and online media.

5 Front-end and back-end. Online: landing pages (that capture and convert) online sales letters, content-rich articles; offline: sales letters, brochures, guidebooks re-order letters, up-sell letters. Great copy deployed for complex purposes – from reducing refunds to new customer acquisition.

What To Do Next:

If you’re ready for a whole new experience working with a copywriter with a unique background and who is able to create an in-depth understanding of your business instantly… or you are at least open-minded to fresh ideas and input from somebody who “gets” what you’re about… let’s talk. We can begin with a diagnostic critique of one thing or a collection of your ads, mailers, online marketing. Or explore a new need you have. To begin, a 30 minute telephone or in-person discussion normally valued at $127.00 is complimentary; no fee, no obligation.

You’ve reading this right now because I have openings for a new client or two at the moment – which is not always the case. And since you are reading this you obviously feel that there is a weakness in your current copy or marketing strategy.

I’d like to explore ways I might bring value to your business – so what kind of marketer would I be if I neglected offering a “compelling premium”? So sign up below and I’ll send you two free reports. The first has to do with ‘The 7 Costly Mistakes You Can Make When Working With A Marketing Consultant or Copywriter.’ If you want to get the most out your working relationship with a copywriter and or marketing consultant then this report is a must read. The second report is my guide to creating sales letters that convert, called ‘Maximise The Response Rates of Your Sales Copy: How to Write A Highly Effective Sales Letter.’

Sign up in the box below and I’ll get you your compelling premiums. I will also send you the details we can then arrange our 30 minute discussion.


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Zac Nelles
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P.S. A little confession in advance. I am not the most experienced copywriter on the planet. In fact my freelance career is 3 years young. However longevity is no guarantee at all of delivering successful outcomes in any particular situation. You know the saying “1 years experience 30 times?” I am the opposite I have had a different experience almost every year of my life. Many people are often surprised by my breadth of knowledge. I am frequently providing fresh ideas and insight to 30 year veterans at a round table I attend.

As a matter of fact, a set of ‘fresh eyes’ can be a big plus. For this reason though I give every client I accept a simple guarantee with every writing project: if results don’t achieve the agreed upon target, I’ll re-write and keep working as long as you, the client keeps testing. I’m not going to walk away, shrug my shoulders and mumble “win some, lose some” like lawyers do after their clients are handcuffed and lead away a cell for the rest of their life! But we’re ahead of ourselves aren’t we? You can’t make a decision to retain me now and I can’t make the decision to accept you now either. For now let’s explore.

P.P.S. There is also more competition than ever in every industry. The internet, with all of its positives has virtually erased barrier to entry. Also, in part because of all this clutter and “noise” consumers are more skeptical than ever. Navigating these waters, tricky. But the time for aggressiveness, for growth for expansion is now. It will never be this easy again. You need the best team around you, to fully exploit this time.